• 32" tapered mount or 36" tall


    Our NEW Tapered Combinations Radar Mount  can be fitted with  all of our optional products for a  custom radar mount to fit your needs  PICTURES ARE OF CUSTOM OPTIONS ----  THE TAPERED MOUNT  WITH RADAR MOUNTING PLATE  ONLY

    35 degree aft lean 

    12" x12" mounting base or 10" x 10"  

    custom  radar mounting arm for 18" or 24" radar domes specify model when ordering 

    Spot light or FLIR Camera mounting plates can be added  check them out in the product  options page

    We can place the  bottom of the radar from 4" to 14" up from the base

    all of our option products can be added to the Tapered radar mount  

  • ----PLEASE----- E-mail or Call us to SPECIFY BRAND AND MODEL OF RADAR and any other specifications to fit your need's
  • Phone our free 800 number at 
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